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    Angelika Józefczyk - założycielka i projektantka marki

    Angelika, 21 sierpień 2020
    Angelika Józefczyk  - założycielka i projektantka marki

    Angelika Józefczyk

    The owner and designer of the AZUCCO brand, created with the idea of dressing individuality.

    A graduate of the International School of Costume and Fashion Design in Warsaw and International Business at the University of Łódź.

    Winner of the first place in the 18th edition of the international competition for designers, OFF Fashion Kielce

    "MUZA" in 2016.

    She gained experience working with the best Polish designers Paprocki & Brzozowski 

    Her collections were triumphant at KTW Fashion Week, Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland, L'oreal Matrix.

    Angelika Józefczyk creates a brand whose designs are aimed at women for whom color, texture and quality of clothes are important. They appreciate modern, strong cuts and demand the best of life.

    Consistency in acting and adhering to her principles meant that Angelika Józefczyk led the Azucco brand to distribution in Great Britain and the United States.


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